Body Sculpting Using Autologous Fat Transfer

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Body Sculpting

Autologous Fat Transfer

Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting, is a very popular procedure since it removes fat from a location where it is not needed, or wanted, and used to add volume elsewhere. The techniques used to perform this procedure can vary but the end results are the same: a fuller, better looking body region.

Often times, the fat is harvested from an area using liposuction techniques. In liposuction, a small cannula is used to loosen and suck away the fat that will be used in the augmentation procedure. The fat must then be processed for use in the new area. It is cleaned and purified to make it safe for reinjection. While fat transfers may sound like an involved process, for the patient this process is smooth and minimally invasive. To ensure that the results are optimum and long lasting, multiple treatments may be necessary.