Smooth Wrinkles in the Brow & Forehead

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Brow Lift Procedure & Techniques

When it comes to brow lifts, there are two different techniques used to achieve the desired results. The first technique is known as the open method. In this approach to forehead surgery, incisions are placed behind or along the hairline; the muscles in the forehead are improved upon to reduce the appearance of deep creases. Once that is complete, the skin and muscles are tightened resulting in a smoother, more youthful looking brow.brow-lift

For other patients, the endoscopic brow lift may be the better option. Rather than making one large incision at the hairline, with endoscopic surgery, several small incisions are made; a small camera and special instruments are used to achieve the desired muscle improvements. At this point, the brow is lifted and held in place by special anchors that hold the forehead in its new, preferred location. By taking the endoscopic approach to a forehead lift, the chance for minor problems, such as scarring and hair loss, are minimized.

During the initial consultation, each approach will be discussed. Then depending on the needs of the individual, the right technique to achieve optimal results can be determined.

Brow Lift

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