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A: You should be evaluated by your surgeon to determine the source of your pain.


A: You should try to achieve your ideal weight prior to your tummy tuck to obtain the best result from the procedure. If you do not, you may need additional skin excision with the further weight loss.


A: I would recommend drainage of the affected side. This will hopefully restore form and symmetry.


A: I prefer to use the patient’s own tissues vs silicone. Sometimes you can use the cartilage present in the nose if it is workable and reposition it. Other times ear or rib cartilage may be used. I prefer these over silicone any day.


A: Usually you do not over-augment the nose with the expectation of resorption. Autologous rib grafting like you had usually has very low resorption. Your nose is probably still very swollen at ten days post op and may take longer than with a non-augmented rhinoplasty to settle down. Discuss this with your surgeon.


A: The symptoms you describe are normal with both the tightness and unusual sensations. These should disappear over time and may last up to a year.


A: A wound Vac is a device that creates negative low atmospheric pressure at a constant rate. It is used on open wounds to remove fluid secretion and enhance granulation tissue and wound healing. It decreases the length of time for wound healing in open wounds and decreases the need for dressing changes.


A: Usually it takes about a month for the internal nasal swelling to improve. Saline nasal spray may also help if crusting is contributing to the blockage. Have your surgeon evaluate your nose internally if your symptoms are not improving after 4-6 weeks.


A: Either a chin implant or an advancement genioplasty will work. I personally like the genioplasty due to its versatility and no foreign body other than the titanium plate. It also allows correction of vertical dimension problems and asymmetry. All incisions with the genioplasty are intraoral.

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