Tummy Tuck Surgery in Atlanta

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Can you tighten loose abdominal skin through exercise?

No, unfortunately not in most cases. If the patient has post-pregnancy muscle separation, the midsection will remain loose without surgery.

Is tummy tuck surgery painful?

All patients have a different threshold of pain, but for most patients the pain associated with abdominoplasty is not severe. Prescription pain medication is very helpful in controlling post-surgical pain. Most patients can return to work or their normal daily activities within two weeks.

Does a tummy tuck leave scars?

Yes, tummy tuck surgery does result in a scar. Fortunately this scar can be very thin, and will fade over time. Generally the scar is mostly hidden by underwear or a bathing suit.

Are tummy tuck results permanent?

Tummy tuck results can be maintained through proper diet and exercise. Unfortunately, if a patient regains a significant amount of weight, the midsection will expand, effectively “undoing” the abdominoplasty.


Atlanta Tummy Tuck Before & AfterAbdominoplasty surgery is designed for people who are in fairly good shape but are struggling with fatty tissue in the mid-section that is holding firm despite their attempts to loose it. The procedure can change the shape and tone of a person’s stomach with dramatic results. Abdominoplasty is also an excellent option for women who find themselves with loose skin as a result of child birth. Not everyone has the same elasticity to their skin and an abdominoplasty can return a woman’s stomach to her pre-pregnancy condition. Older individuals who have experienced a loss of elasticity to their abdominal skin may also benefit from a tummy tuck procedure.

With an abdominoplasty, the extra skin and fatty deposits that are hindering the stomach are removed. If your abdomen has weak or protruding muscles, your surgeon would then tighten them to flatten the stomach and strengthen the abs. The remaining skin is then rearranged to cover the area resulting in a new tighter, smoother stomach. While scarring does occur, your surgeon will hide this from view most often below the panty line. This scar will fade over time throughout the healing process.

As with any cosmetic surgery, a tummy tuck is not right for everyone. To find out more about tummy tuck surgery visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and get informed. Going into your consultation for a tummy tuck in Atlanta with current information and reasonable expectations is the best tool in having any successful cosmetic surgery procedure.