Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Having Breast Lift

December 5 2023

Even if you never gave much thought to plastic surgery in your younger years, you may have started to reconsider after witnessing the effects of aging start to appear on your breasts. As the skin around your breasts loses its elasticity, sagging is inevitable. The best way to re-elevate your breasts is with breast lift. The top-rated plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists recommend asking the following questions to your surgeon before making a final decision.

Breast Lift in Atlanta

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Breast Lift?

Breasts are different from one woman to the next, so be wary of a surgeon who over-promises results before examining your breasts. During a consultation, a good plastic surgeon should be able to describe the amount of lifting he or she can achieve. This doctor should also discuss potential modifications to the nipples/areolas so that they sit centrally on the breast and poke outward rather than downward.

What Kind of Techniques Will You Use to Elevate My Breasts?

There is not one standard approach for rejuvenating breasts. Great doctors can choose from a variety of techniques to remove loose breast skin. Learning where a prospective surgeon plans to make incisions (around the areola, along the lower breast crease, and/or with a vertical line from the nipple to the lower breast) gives you a solid idea of how invasive the procedure will be and where you can expect to see some light scarring.

Do I Need Breast Implants to Fulfill My Goals?

Many women who have breast lift decide to combine breast augmentation with breast lift to achieve their preferred breast profile. If you have dreams of having larger breasts — even just slightly so — then breast augmentation is necessary since breast lift simply elevates the existing tissue you have. Ultimately, your personal preferences determine whether this is the right decision for you, but your plastic surgeon should be able to present various options so that you can get the breast presentation you want.

Can You Show Me Photos of Past Breast Lift Patients?

Before-and-after photos are a staple of an experienced, successful plastic surgeon. This is the best way to evaluate the quality of results the surgeon is capable of. In particular, you should look for before photos of women with similar breast sizes and droopiness to your own so you can see what kind of improvements were possible.

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Dr. Gregory Mackay, Dr. Bahair Ghazi, Dr. John Symbas, and Dr. Eugenia Page are board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast procedures like breast lift. They earn great reviews from their patients, not only for their surgical skills, but also their willingness to answer all questions. If you have questions you would like to ask about breast lift before making a final decision, please schedule a consultation by calling (404) 255-2975.

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