Plan Your Summer Beach Body Now

January 7 2017

For many people, the New Year signifies a new beginning and a fresh start. If one of your New Year resolutions is to improve your look — particularly by summertime — our team at Atlanta Plastic and Reconstructive Specialists can help. We offer several surgical and non-surgical treatment options that address a multitude of aesthetic concerns. In this blog post, we discuss how undergoing plastic surgery during the winter can help you be bikini-ready by summer and we also reveal some of the most popular procedures we offer for a hot summer bod.

Planning Your Summer Beach Body Now

While it’s true that summer is months away, plastic surgery patients should be aware that it takes several months to heal from cosmetic surgical procedures. What’s more, the final results from plastic surgery may not become visible until months after the procedure. For example, if you undergo breast augmentation or breast lift, it can take your breasts several weeks to settle into their final position. If you undergo a body contouring procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck, residual swelling can last for several weeks or months. It also takes time for incision scars to fade. If you seek to have an enviable beach body just in time for summer, we recommend scheduling your treatment during the winter season.

How to Get a Summer Beach Body

At Atlanta Plastic and Reconstructive Specialists, we regularly see people who wish to improve their summer beach body. Some of our most popular summer body requests include the following:

  • Male breast reduction for a flatter, more masculine-looking chest
  • Breast augmentation and lift for fuller, perkier breasts
  • Brazilian butt lift for a round and curvaceous behind
  • Tummy tuck for a flatter and more toned abdomen
  • Liposuction to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and back
  • Laser hair removal for smooth, hairless skin
  • Chemical peels, facials, laser skin rejuvenation for glowing, younger-looking skin

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