Implant Removal And Management

April 11 2016

The majority of women who undergo breast augmentation never consider the idea that they would ever want (or need) to have their implants removed one day. But breast revision is not uncommon — as many as 40,000 women undergo breast revision surgery each year. The Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists are experienced in performing implant removal and breast revision surgery on women who are unhappy with their initial breast augmentation results. In this blog post, we discuss common reasons for implant removal as well as the different treatment options we offer.

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

The reasons for removing breast implants are as different as the patients themselves. Some women choose to have their implants replaced because they are unhappy with their breast size or appearance; some wish they had gone bigger while others wish they had gone smaller. Others decide to have an implant removed because it has shifted in place, altering the appearance of the breast.

For other women, implant removal is much more necessary. Possible complications from breast augmentation include implant rupture and capsular contracture, which is the tightening of the scar tissue around the implant. In these cases, the implant must be removed.

Breast Implant Removal Options

Because each woman’s aesthetic concerns and goals are different, there are several options for breast implant removal. Our plastic surgery team typically performs:

Re-augmentation. The breast implant is removed and a new pocket within the implant is created that is specifically designed to fit the new implant for a look that is natural, anatomical and symmetrical.

Re-augmentation with lift. Like natural breasts, breasts augmented with implants may begin to lose their original perky, firm, augmented shape over time. To restore or maintain a youthful breast appearance, some women choose to combine breast re-augmentation with breast lift.

Implant removal and lift. When the implants are removed but not replaced, a breast lift is typically recommended. This is because the breasts tend to sag and droop after implants are removed. During the procedure, the breasts are reshaped and repositioned to a more youthful position on the chest wall. The pocket where the original implants sat will seal over time.

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