Breast Lift Surgery to Restore a Time-Altered Appearance

June 12 2013

Our society puts a lot of importance on women’s breasts. For men they are a feature of attraction and sexuality. For women, their breasts make them feel feminine, provide an essential piece of the child bearing process, and significantly contribute to one’s self-image. Because breasts are so important, the size and shape of one’s breasts can have a big impact on one’s life. As a result, breast lift surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures offered today.

Young girls learn early on about the importance of their breasts. Media images and peer responses to their changing bodies help develop a woman’s conception about their breasts at an early age. This idea of having and maintaining attractive, shapely breasts carries through a woman’s life. Like other features of the body, the breasts will change as the rest of the body does, and will eventually show the signs of aging. Maintaining the appearance of a woman’s breasts can keep her feeling attractive for herself and to others, as well as keep her feeling feminine.

There are several factors that can lead a woman to getting breast lift surgery. The most common factor is age. Over time skin can lose some elasticity, which can cause the breasts to sag. Another trait of aging breasts is a loss of volume. These two factors combined can lead a woman’s breasts to hang lower than usual and can make a woman feel less attractive and be self-conscious about their breasts.

Another significant factor that can lead to breast changes is weight loss. This can be the results of diet or post-pregnancy. Big swings in weight can cause skin to stretch and leave the breasts looking deflated. When the body does not adjust with the weight changes, the only way to achieve perkier breasts is through surgical intervention, like a breast lift procedure.

Breast lift surgery is for women who are happy with the size of their breasts, but are simply looking to achieve a higher breast placement. The breast is lifted and excess, loose skin is removed; leaving a more youthful looking breast. The nipple is repositioned to sit higher as well, for a more complete transformation. The size and shape of the areola (the dark or pink area around the nipple) can also be addressed during a breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery can be done in conjunction with fat grafting (to add volume to the upper most area of the breast) or with breast implants, for women who wish to increase the size of their breasts while lifting them.

Breast lift surgery is a great way to maintain a woman’s breasts through the changes that happen in life. A woman’s breasts play a significant part in their development and self-confidence throughout their lives. Taking steps to ensure they look their best is an invaluable investment for those women seeking to restore their breasts to their prior beauty.

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