Composite Breast Augmentation

February 20 2013

Breast augmentation surgery remains the most sought after cosmetic procedure in the field of plastic surgery. We have seen an increase in Atlanta breast augmentation patients each year, whose breasts we help improve the appearance of. Because of the popularity of breast augmentation procedures researchers in the field are constantly looking for new techniques and tools to improve the process and achieve the best, most natural looking results.

One of the latest techniques used in breast augmentation surgeries is fat grafting. Fat grafting (also known as autologous fat transfer) is the process of taking fat from one location on the body, where it is most prevalent, such as the tummy or buttocks, and moving it to another area, like the breasts. Fat grafting was first used in breast augmentation in 1895, but it wasn’t until liposuction entered the world of plastic surgery that the practice became more prevalent. With the advances in fat harvesting, fat grafting found a place in cosmetic treatments. While fat grafting has been used to enhance certain parts of the body, as filler for the lips, hands, and face, it has not been widely used as a breast augmentation tool.

One of the biggest problems with fat grafting, in regards to breast augmentation, was the amount of fat that would need to be used to achieve the desired results. For women who were looking to significantly increase the size of their breasts, fat grafting was proving problematic. Recent trends coupling fat grafting with traditional implants have shown great success and put fat grafting back in the mix in regards to breast augmentation surgery.

Fat grafting in conjunction with silicone, saline, or cohesive gel implants can provide a more well-rounded breast enhancement. Fat grafting can add volume around the breast implant or add tissue to otherwise thin areas, providing both a natural looking, as well as natural feeling breast. This combination of techniques (fat grafting along with breast implants) has become so popular it has been given its own name; it is often referred to as a composite breast augmentation.

Adding fat to the breast augmentation procedure addresses one of the biggest concerns in regard to implant surgery. Breast implants surgeons are limited by the breast tissue available to cover the implant. Breast implants that are too large can create complications, such as shifting, that can lead to revision surgery down the line. By combining implants with fat grafting, a larger or fuller size breast can be achieved, without risking the integrity of the breast pocket.

With the variety of breast augmentation techniques available, now is the best time to move forward with the breast enhancement you’ve always wanted!

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