Combine Plastic Surgery Procedures For Best Results

February 10 2015

In recent history, there have been a number of reality television shows that feature individuals undergoing numerous types of plastic surgery procedures as part of an ultimate makeover. While shows such as The Swan and Extreme Makeover may have been good for ratings and shock value, due to their dramatic nature they did little to inform audiences of the real benefits and limitations of combining plastic surgery procedures.

In reality, to combine plastic surgery procedures is reasonable and safe with a knowledgeable surgeon, healthy candidate and appropriate time limit for anesthesia. Studies have shown that in most cases, when surgeons follow proper procedures, the complication rate for multiple procedures is no higher than that of just one procedure. Additionally, the recovery time (and thus, time away from work or family) is less than if multiple procedures were performed separately.

Multiple Operations Yielding Natural Results

Aesthetically speaking, combining procedures is often a smart choice. Because visible aging does not occur in just one area of the face, a facelift candidate would experience more natural results from subtle improvements in several areas versus a dramatic improvement in just one area. For example, the facelift might be combined with an eyelift and laser resurfacing of the skin.

This principle is also true when changing the proportions of the face or body. The most well-known example is commonly known as a mommy makeover. The combination of a breast lift or implants, a tummy tuck and liposuction provides an overall effect that any one of those procedures alone could not. Another example involves combining a rhinoplasty with a chin implant. Instead of a large-scale reduction in a patient requesting a smaller nose, a subtler reshaping combined with a chin implant may better balance the features.

A Value Proposition

Lastly, the financial benefits of combining procedures cannot be ignored. Most health insurance plans do not cover elective plastic surgery, so patients pay out of pocket. The Surgeon performing more than one procedure at once means saving on hospital costs such as anesthesia and facility fees.

Before considering one or multiple plastic surgery procedures, it is important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she will review your goals, examine your medical history, and evaluate your physical condition. Together, you and the surgeon will customize a surgical plan of action to obtain the beautiful, natural results you are looking for.

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