5 Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Their Best

August 7 2013

The most beautiful and attractive breasts do not just have to be large, but contain several factors that make them look natural and firm for incredible curves on any figure. By working to keep them lifted and enhanced, it will create a fit and youthful appearance by utilizing a variety of methods.

  • Use Make-Up to Enhance CleavageBy applying two different shades of bronzer to the cleavage, it will work to create an illusion of a larger bust without appearing faux. Apply the darker bronzer in between breasts and the lighter shade just below. For several decades, this technique has been widely used in Hollywood as a quick and affordable way of creating curves for any bust size.
  • Wear Two BrasBy wearing two different bras, it will work to enhance the bust and increase the appearance by at least one cup size. For those with breasts that tend to sag, wearing two bras will also work effectively to provide a supportive lift for the breasts. Adjust the two bras comfortably as the first bra can have a tighter clasp, and the second bra can be looser so it easily fits on top of the first bra.
  • Exercise the ChestFor women who want to enhance their breasts’ appearance with a bit of hard work so they look just as good in the nude, there are several exercises that increase muscle tone for a larger chest. Pushups, lifting weights, and basic arm exercises with five-pound dumbbells will increase the chest muscles and transform it within several weeks.
  • Undergo a Breast LiftFor women who have had children and breastfed, breast lifts are a common surgery that naturally restores the appearance of breasts and places them back to their original state.
  • Get Breast ImplantsFor those who don’t want to hassle with performing rigorous chest exercises on a consistent basis or applying makeup to their cleavage, breast implants are the most effective method of increasing one’s cup size for a comfortable fit.

Choose a cup size that is natural and realistic to your body type, while consulting with a professional on the most common sizes for your weight, height, and age. Choose a surgeon who is accredited and well-respected with several years of experience. Read reviews and consult with past patients to ensure you’ll be in safe and skilled hands for an incredible outcome.