What to Expect After Liposuction

March 1 2015

For many people who struggle with their weight, liposuction is a great choice to remove those final, nagging pounds. Not only will you look great and feel better with the weight off, you’ll also have more energy and will be better able to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. However, liposuction is still a surgical procedure, and there are a few things you should know about recovery before you go in for the procedure. Take a look at what you should expect to see and feel after liposuction.

Immediately After Surgery

You may be able to go home on the day of the surgery. Many liposuction procedures are considered same day surgeries. You should find out ahead of time if you’re going to be discharged the same day – if so, you need to arrange for a ride home, because you won’t be able to drive yourself after anesthesia. You’ll be sore for a while, and you should arrange to have another adult at home to help you for a few days following the surgery.

Your surgical incisions are likely to drain fluids for a few days, and your doctor will give you instructions to for cleaning and bandaging the wounds. Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions and keep the wounds clean and dry – you don’t want an infection.

A Few Weeks After Surgery

Your doctor will give you compression garments to wear for at least a week (and sometimes several weeks) following the surgery. In the beginning, you’ll wear the garments all day, except for when you shower and change your bandages. As time goes on, you’ll wear them less and less.

Within a few weeks, your soreness will begin to subside, bruising from the surgery will fade, and any swelling will go down. You should be able to return to work in a week or so. If you experience any intense pain after the first week, or if your swelling returns or doesn’t seem to be receding, you should contact your doctor.

A Few Months After Surgery

After the first month, you should feel back to normal, and you should also be looking more like your usual self. You may still be able to see the scars from your incisions, but these will continue to fade and become lighter as time goes on.

In order to maintain your post-surgery weight, it’s important to discuss a exercise and diet plan with your doctor. Liposuction results are not necessarily permanent – if you gain weight, the fat can return. Sticking to a sensible diet and exercising regularly can help make your liposuction results last.

Liposuction is a common and safe procedure, so don’t be afraid of the surgery or recovery. Just follow your surgeon’s instructions, ask questions about anything that you are unsure of, and enjoy your new and improved body.