What Kind of Changes Can You Make to Your Nipples?

August 11 2022

Not all women who seek cosmetic breast surgery are looking to alter the volume or shape of their breasts. Some patients are primarily concerned with their nipples and areolas. At Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists, our surgeons have the training and skills to help perfect the size, shape, projection and positioning of their patients’ nipples. This blog describes some of the surgical changes they can make.

Shrinking the Areolas

Areolas are the pigmented circles that immediately surround the nipples. The size of the areolas can differ greatly from person to person. Those who are displeased with having larger-than-average areolas can achieve change with a minor plastic surgery procedure. To make this correction, the surgeon can make an incision around the border of the areola and then remove some of the pigmented skin to make the areola look smaller.

For women with mismatching areolas, this surgery is also a good way to adjust the size of one areola to make sure it better corresponds with the areola on the other breast.

Altering the Projection

About 10% of women have at least one inverted (or retracted) nipple. An inverted nipple is one that either pokes inward or is flat with no projection. Some women wish to fix an inverted nipple because it can make breastfeeding difficult or painful, while others feel that it makes their nipples look abnormal.

Surgeons can usually correct nipple inversion, though the appropriate technique depends on the severity of the inversion. A gentle, deliberate incision can usually push the nipple to a permanently outward position without harming most of the milk ducts.

Repositioning the Nipples

Breasts inevitably experience sagging with age, which leads some women to have breast lift surgery to elevate their breast tissue. In addition to raising the breasts to a higher position on the chest, breast lift usually features some nipple adjustments. Because the nipples have usually sunk lower on the chest, the surgeon moves them higher on the chest, to a youthful position. A plastic surgeon also ensures that nipples point outward rather than down to provide the breasts with a youthful, perky appearance.

Diminishing the Protrusion

Even the length at which nipples protrude differs from woman to woman. Nipples that stick out further can appear more prominently than a woman wishes, even when covered by clothing. A plastic surgeon can delicately remove the tip of the nipple to reduce its overall length. Some nipples are easier to spot because of their width. For this, a plastic surgeon can reduce the overall circumference of the nipple by removing tissue from its sides. Both procedures can go a long way toward minimizing how often a patient’s nipples are visible through her shirt.

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