What Can I Do About Breast Asymmetry?

February 7 2023

Most people find symmetry to be beautiful.  However, it is rare for one side of a person’s body to be a perfect mirror image of the other. For example, many women have breasts that don’t quite match — perhaps one breast is bigger than the other, one breast is higher than the other or one breast has a smaller nipple than the other. If the differences are severe enough, a woman may decide to have cosmetic breast surgery to improve their symmetry.

At Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists, our expert plastic surgeons have ample experience adjusting the breasts to make them look more like a matching set. If you would like to improve your breast symmetry, here are some of your surgical options:

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are arguably the easiest way to improve breast symmetry. Not all breast augmentation surgeries involve dramatically increasing the size of the breasts. Smaller implants are ideal for helping your breasts to match — it may even be possible to achieve symmetry with a single implant — without significantly altering your bust size. That said, if you would like your surgeon to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, this is also a great procedure to meet those goals.

Breast Reduction

You can also improve breast symmetry by decreasing the volume of your breasts (or one larger breast). Your surgeon can artfully remove excess breast tissue so that your breasts look more like twins. While it may not be necessary to remove a lot of tissue to achieve harmony, you may also choose to downsize more significantly to reach your preferred proportions — which may even help to eliminate chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

Breast Lift

Even if your breasts have a similar size and volume, you may find that one breast hangs lower than the other. To address this cosmetic issue, your surgeon can remove the excess skin from the breasts so that they can rest at an elevated position on your chest. Although it is possible to lift a single breast to match the other’s elevation, most patients decide to lift both for a rejuvenating effect and longer-lasting symmetry.

Nipple Resizing

Sometimes, only the nipples and areolas (the dark pigmentation surrounding the nipples) do not correspond. If one areola is larger than the other, nipple reduction surgery can remove some excess tissue so both areolas have the same circumference. Another option is nipple inversion surgery, which ensures that both nipples project outward. Notably, if a nipple is lower on one breast than it is on the other, this is probably most effectively addressed with breast lift surgery.

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