Top 3 Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery

August 14 2013

Facial plastic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who are unsatisfied with their appearance because of the natural consequences of aging. Plastic surgery can reduce lines, smooth wrinkles, lift the brows and firm the jaw line. Both men and women seek cosmetic surgery to feel more attractive and confident about their appearance.

  1. Remove Loose Skin and Wrinkles
    As the years pass, skin loses its elasticity, which can cause drooping of the eyelids, pulling down of the eyelids and brows and loosening of the jaw line. These effects can cause a general heaviness to the face that makes people look older and more tired than they are on the inside. Facial surgery can remove the loose skin to give a younger look to the face. The action of underlying muscles can cause creases and folds in the surface of the skin that are unattractive and make the face look older. Facial plastic surgery can smooth the surface wrinkles and lines making you look younger and vibrant.
  2. Re-Sculpt Lost Muscle Tone
    Like other muscles of the body, facial muscles can lose tone. The face becomes looser and saggy due to gravity and loss of collagen beneath the skin. The orbicularis oculi (eye muscle), zygomaticus major (cheek muscles), buccinator (jaw muscle) or platysmal (neck muscle) may be altered during various types of procedures. Tightening these muscles help to provide a younger appearance and a better tone to maintain the youthful shape of the face.
  3. Increase Self Confidence with A More Youthful Appearance
    The fundamental purpose of facial plastic surgery is to help you look younger. A younger appearance can benefit both your career and your social life, opening you up to new opportunities for the upcoming years. When you feel that you look good, you are able to be yourself and enjoy your life. Facial plastic surgery helps to reduce imperfections and signs of aging to give you more confidence about your physical appearance and emotional mindset. Your new confidence can affect everyone around you, leading to greater enjoyment of life.
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