Tips to Getting a Natural Looking Breast Enlargement

September 4 2013

Many women are choosing to get a breast enlargement that looks natural and youthful and complements their figure in a flattering way. Although there are many different sizes and shapes available, certain factors will determine how natural the breast enlargement appears on each woman’s shape.

Look at Different Profiles

When determining the size and shape of the implants, women should look at different pictures with their plastic surgeon to better communicate what they are trying to achieve through surgery. Moderately sized breasts commonly appear the most natural and are large without being unrealistic. The implants should appear natural even while wearing a push-up bra.

Also be careful of breasts that appear too firm and raised without the help of a bra. Breasts that appear too large will also come off looking unnatural on most body types.

Balance Implants with Breast Tissue

One of the best rules to follow when getting a breast augmentation in Atlanta is to choose a size of implant that is not any larger than your natural breast tissue.  This will help you achieve a more proportionate appearance.

Consider a Mastopexy

Contrary to popular belief; nipples can often change in appearance after implants are inserted, causing them to appear off-center and not as symmetrical as they once were. A mastopexy will work to correct the placement for breasts and help them appear more natural.

Discuss Incision Placement

The incisions for breast implants are made in a number of different places depending on the patient’s personal preference. Many women prefer under the armpit where the scar can be hidden.

Another common area is around the bottom portion of the nipple, known as a periareolar incision. This type of incision provides more options for the placement of the implants, as well as the type of implants used. This incision is most popular when future breast enhancements or alterations can be expected for the patient.

Crease incisions are also common and are made underneath the breasts for a discrete location that does not change the shape of the nipple.

Choose the Type of Implants

Although silicone implants are most popular, saline is also a popular choice. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water for a natural look that is attractive and provides mobility of the breasts.

Silicone implants are made of silicone gel that is similar in texture to human fat. Silicone is considered to look slightly more natural in appearance and lighter in weight.