Tips for Prolonging Your Plastic Surgery Results

May 18 2015

You’ve spent your money and your time on just the right procedure to give you that extra boost when you look in the mirror. Likely, you’re ecstatic with your results. But while plastic surgery can do a lot, it can’t reverse the signs of aging or combat the effects of bad lifestyle choices. That is why we at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists have put together some tips on how to prolong the results of your plastic surgery procedure long after recovery.

Eat Right to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Eating nutrient-rich foods while keeping the body hydrated is important both before and after surgery. While a cosmetic procedure can leave you looking years younger, it can’t stop the effects of aging, including slower skin cell regeneration, which results in looser, dryer skin and the resulting lines and wrinkles.

A diet that includes dark, leafy greens, vibrant-colored fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and proteins from lean meats and legumes will keep the body functioning at an optimum level so that it can repair cell damage more quickly and flush out toxins more effectively. Be sure to also include antioxidant-rich foods such as pinto beans, blueberries and pecans, as they ward off free radicals that damage your skin.

Keep Your Silhouette Smooth with Regular Exercise

An exercise regimen that includes a mix of cardio and strength-training will help keep your body at a healthy and stable weight, which is especially important after having a body-sculpting treatment like liposuction. Although the pockets of fat that are removed during a liposuction procedure will not return after the treatment, weight gain will show up in other parts of the body. A regular exercise schedule (along with healthy eating habits) will prevent this. Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise four to five times a week for the best results.

Quit Smoking to Bring Back Your Natural Glow

Not only will smoking inhibit the healing process after plastic surgery, it also has long-term effects on your looks. In fact, studies have found that, on average, smokers look up to 1.4 years older than their non-smoking peers. Smoking breaks down the elasticity of the skin, accelerating the aging process by creating fine lines and sometimes deeper grooves on the face (especially around the mouth) and neck area. And the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke depletes nutrients in the skin, such vitamin C, which helps to repair skin damage. All of these toxic effects of smoking leaves skin looking haggard, dull and grayish.

Refresh Your Face with a Skin Treatment

Whether you’ve had a facelift, a brow lift or a body contouring procedure, you can enhance your new look with one of Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists’ skin resurfacing facial treatments. Our chemical peel is a gentle, lightly-concentrated treatment that removes the thin top layer of skin for a fresher face with a minimized appearance of fine lines. We also offer laser skin resurfacing and dermabrasion treatments to create a smoother, more supple appearance for the face. To schedule a consultation and discuss which treatment is right for you, call Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists at (404) 255-2975.