The Most Common Benefits of a Thigh Lift

March 27 2013

As warmer weather fast approaches, bathing suit season is just around the corner. This can be an exciting time for many, but for a woman who is uncomfortable about her thighs, beach season can be stressful. Instead of looking for a fashionable waist wrap, that hangs just low enough to cover you up, maybe it is time to consider a thigh lift procedure with Drs. Nunn and Mackay at The Beauty of Knowledge Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery .

thigh lift is a body sculpting procedure that is used to reshape a woman’s thighs to improve the overall shape and appearance of the thigh. Thigh lifts focus on the inner and outer thigh to maintain proportions during the procedure. A thigh lift can address many issues related to age, weight loss, or pregnancy. Some of the most common benefits of a thigh lift are:

  • EXCESS SKIN REMOVAL: For women who have experienced a significant weight loss through pregnancy or other means, the thighs may be left with excess skin. Age can also play a factor in this issue, as skin loses elasticity over time. A thigh lift can remove this excess skin, leaving firmer, shapelier legs.
  • FAT REMOVAL: While not primarily a fat removal procedure, liposuction may be used during a thigh lift to remove excess fat deposits. This can help ensure that the resulting contour is smoother and in line with the thigh lift goals of the patient.
  • MUSCLE TIGHTENING: Muscles can lose definition over time. The thigh lift will also address loose muscles by tightening them or tying them together to improve the contour of the thigh. Women who have sagging thighs as a result of muscles, not excess skin, may have their thigh lift done through an endoscope.
  • REDUCE STRETCH MARKS: Stretchspe marks are common in the thigh and buttock area for women who are in need of a thigh lift due to weight fluctuations. By tightening the skin, stretch marks can be minimized and the skin can appear softer and more attractive. For deep or excessive stretch marks, skin resurfacing may be used to further reduce their appearance.
  • REDUCE CHANCES OF SKIN INFECTIONS: Excess skin can form folds, which can sweat. This moisture can lead to fungi or bacterial infections. The removal of the excess skin can eliminate these folds and significantly reduce the chance for infection.

Swimsuit season doesn’t need to be a time of anxiety. With the help of The Beauty of Knowledge Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery and a thigh lift procedure, you can feel confident about your legs and feel great in whatever you decide to wear.

By making the choice to get the thighs you’ve always wanted, the next time you wear that swimsuit waist wrap it’ll be because it looks fabulous, not because you’re hiding something.

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