The Latest Trends in Breast Enhancement

March 20 2019

Thanks to advances in implant technology and surgical techniques, women who are unhappy with the shape, size and position of their breasts have more breast enhancement options than ever before. In this blog post Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists shares insight on the latest trends and shifting preferences of breast enhancement patients.

Less Is More

More women are shifting away from the idea that “bigger is better” in regards to breast augmentation. Rather than choosing large implants that stand out, these women are requesting more modest-looking implants that complement their overall figure. Not only do smaller implants tend to look more natural, they allow women to maintain an active lifestyle as larger implants tend to be heavier. Women are also considering the long-term realities of having larger implants. While attractive right now, larger implants can sag or change in appearance due to aging, pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

Subtle Boost and Better Body Curves with Fat Transfer

While silicone and saline implants are still popular choices for breast augmentation, more women are choosing fat transfer. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is considered to be a “two in one” procedure by many patients as it removes unwanted fat from one body area (abdomen, waist, hips, back) and re-injects it to the breasts. The procedure is a great choice for women who have surplus fat in one or more body areas and only want a small boost in breast size (one breast cup size or less).

Perkier Breasts with Breast Lift and Implants

Perky breasts are considered to be a sign of beauty and youth, so it’s no surprise that more breast augmentation patients are requesting a breast lift. Not only can a breast lift with implants combination procedure lead to more attractive results, it is also cost-effective and leads to less scarring than having the two procedures done separately.

No matter what your breast enhancement needs are, it’s imperative that you work with a board certified plastic surgeon. The right surgeon will carefully evaluate your personal needs and goals and work with you to design the best treatment plan. To schedule a personal consultation with Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists, please call our Northside office at (404) 255-2975 or our Piedmont office at (404) 343-0897 to make an in-person appointment.