The Brains of Breast Augmentation

April 25 2012

A woman’s breasts are a large part of what makes her a woman. They are a food source for children, they can be a source of pride and beauty, and they can cause discomfort or unease. Thankfully, with advances in breast augmentation procedures from Atlanta to Alaska, women don’t have to be stuck with what Mother Nature gave them.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a breast augmentation procedure. Consulting with a board certified professional such as Atlanta plastic surgeons Gregory Mackay and Donald Nunn will give you much of the information you need, but it’s best to go in prepared.

First, do your research online. Read what others have to say regarding the many factors associated with a breast augmentation surgery. For instance, don’t think about cup size when considering your breast augmentation. Breast implants are not measured in bra cup sizes but in cc’s. Using a cup size as a reference will give a general idea to strive for, but the surgeon will be using cc’s to determine the implant to help you achieve your goal.

Also, consider not only the desired breast size, but the size of your body in general. Atlanta Plastic surgeons Drs. Mackay and Nunn will advise against extreme changes. Going from a 98lb woman with A sized breasts to a full DD can present all sorts of difficulties with your breast augmentation such as room to place the implant on your body as well as potential future problems with back discomfort or posture.

There is also the decision of saline vs. silicone implants to consider before scheduling your consult. Both implants present pros and cons. It is best to have an idea of details relating to each prior to a breast augmentation consultation at the Atlanta office of doctors Mackay and Nunn.
Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery on your breasts can give you the self-confidence you’ve always been looking, but any surgical procedure needs to be an educated decision not solely emotional. Start your research today and contact Drs. Mackay and Nunn to schedule a consultation to see what breast augmentation options are right for you!