Signs that a Surgical Procedure May Be a Better Option for You than a Non-Surgical Procedure

June 11 2018

Non-surgical procedures like Botox, fillers and laser skin resurfacing treatments are usually the first line of defense against signs of aging. It is quite common for patients easing into facial rejuvenation to start off with non-surgical procedures and then transition into surgical procedures.

Knowing when to make the switch can be confusing, but the team at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists is here to help. Here, we reveal signs that you may benefit more from a surgical solution than a non-surgical treatment.

You Have Loose Skin

Perhaps when you started Botox or filler treatments or chemical peels, your skin was lightly creased or wrinkled, yet still somewhat firm. Non-surgical solutions work best when your skin has a degree of elasticity.

But if your skin has loosened over time in certain areas like your mid-face, jawline or neck, injectables and non-surgical procedures won’t help. A surgical procedure like facelift or neck lift may be needed to trim redundant skin and tighten the remaining skin.

You Have Deeper Facial Folds or Creases

In many circumstances, Botox, Juvedermchemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are appropriate for mild to moderate lines and wrinkles. But as the lines or creases worsen, non-surgical solutions won’t deliver the same kind of results. If you have noticed things like your nasolabial folds deepening, you would probably benefit from a surgical procedure.

You Want Longer-lasting Results

Botox and fillers can deliver great anti-aging results, but the effects are temporary. Depending on the product, Botox lasts about three to six months and fillers can last four months up to a year or more.

If you are tired of scheduling injection appointments every few months to soften facial folds or slightly lift a drooping brow, a surgical procedure like brow lift may be a better option for you. The results of surgical procedures last indefinitely, and touch-up procedures are not usually needed.

You Want to Invest in a One-Time Procedure

The repeated costs of non-surgical procedures can add up over time! Instead of paying for temporary lip fillers every few months, why not make the one-time investment in a lip implant? It could actually end up saving you money (and time) in the long run.

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