Preparing for Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

March 4 2024

Have you reached a point where you do not enjoy having breast implants as much as you used to? It’s not uncommon for women to decide later in life that they no longer want an augmented appearance. Breast implant removal surgery (also known as breast explant) is a surgery that safely removes the augmentation. Here is what the plastic surgeons at our practice in Atlanta suggest ahead of scheduling a consultation:

Breast Implant Removal in Atlanta

Be Prepared to Articulate Your Reasons for Removing Your Implants

The decision to remove your implants is yours alone — you do not have to “justify” the decision to anyone. However, informing your surgeon of  your specific motivations makes it easier for him or her to accommodate your wishes. Whether you no longer enjoy having enhanced proportions or want to replace your implants with new ones of a different style or size, communication is key.

Some patients decide to remove their implants because of a health problem like capsular contracture or BIA-ALCL. Write a list of symptoms you are experiencing that may be related to these problems, regardless of whether you can definitively link them to your implants.

Do Some Preliminary Research on Other Breast Procedures

Although you always have the option of removing your breast implants and ending your cosmetic journey there, some women discover that they are dissatisfied with the look of their breasts after having breast explant surgery.

Because breast skin stretches to accommodate a more voluminous breast, removing the implant can leave loose skin that exaggerates sagging. Breast lift is a popular cosmetic surgery that can remove some of the loose skin so that the breasts are re-elevated for a more youthful presentation.

Another option is fat grafting. A plastic surgeon can transfer excess fat from one area of the body (such as the thighs or abdomen) and insert it into the breast for a more natural augmentation that does not require an implant.

Choose a Great Surgeon

Some patients make the mistake of assuming that removing breast implants is an easy procedure that does not require a talented surgeon. However, you should choose a talented surgeon with a strong aesthetic eye because while removing implants may not be technically challenging, performing this surgery in a way that leaves the breasts looking beautiful is not guaranteed. Great breast surgeons understand how to minimize scarring and create appealing contours for breasts even though they are now smaller.

At Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists, our plastic surgeons have experience with a variety of breast procedures, including breast implant removal. To achieve attractive, natural-looking results from a doctor you can trust, please schedule a consultation at our Northside office (404-255-2975) or Piedmont West office (404-343-0897) today.

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