Possible Development in Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation

March 13 2013

With people living longer, more active lives, the desire to keep their outside appearance matching their inner vigor has increased.  Anti-aging cosmetic treatments are at an all-time high and researchers are constantly on the look-out for the next big development in the fight against Father Time.  A single-center study out of the United Arab Emirates University in Dubai may have figured out what the next big step is!

According to this study performed by Dr. Hassan Galadari, MD of the University, more patients reported seeing “very much” more improvement in their appearance after being treated with polycaprolactone (Ellanse) 9 months after treatment than patients treated with hyaluronic acid (Perlane).  Galadari has recently reported his findings to the American Academy of Dermatology.  This surprising news can mean another new tool in the arsenal of plastic surgeons using injectable treatments to combat the signs of aging.

What makes these findings so surprising is that polycaprolactone has been in use for many years.  It has been widely used in orthopedic surgery and as a suture material.  Polycaprolactone (or Ellanse) is made-up of microspheres in a gel matrix of glycerin and water.  The microspheres interact with a person’s natural tissue production to promote the growth of new collagen, which in turn replaces the gel carrier and the tissue scaffold.

The loss of collagen and volume in the face is one of the leading signs of aging.  There are many products currently available that promote the growth of collagen, such as hyaluronic acid, but the initial results from this study performed by Dr. Galadari shows that that Ellanse may get better results with less product.  Overall clinicians used 17.4% less product during the initial visit of the Ellanse to achieve the desired results, and 13% less product in the follow-up, maintenance visits.  Couple this with the results proving to be longer lasting, makes Ellanse an exciting option to watch for in the future.

As with any treatment, Ellanse is not for everyone and not all of the findings reported were positive.  However, with some further research and development of this product, Ellanse could quickly find itself as another option for non-invasive injectable facial rejuvenation.

While it is still not available for wide use at this time, there are many tried and true techniques that you can use now to help achieve your facial rejuvenation goals.  Schedule a consultation at The Beauty of Knowledge today and learn about the wide variety of options available to keep you looking and feeling your best today.