Plastic Surgery Photo Galleries: What to Look For

October 14 2021

One of the main ways prospective cosmetic surgery patients assess potential surgeons is to look through their before & after photo galleries. Undoubtedly, these pictures are a valuable tool for analyzing the quality of a plastic surgeon’s work, but it also helps to know what to pay attention to in these photos to make appropriate, informed judgments. The experts at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists advise you to look out for the following things when perusing plastic surgeons’ galleries:

Patients Who Look Like You

The best surgeons can achieve great results on a diverse set of patients, but what should matter the most to you is that a surgeon is familiar working with patients who look similar to you. You should want to see at least some photos that depict patients who are of the same general age, ethnicity and sex. When you see yourself reflected in before & after photographs, you will have a much better idea of what can feasibly be achieved on someone like you.

Photos with the Same Lighting and Angles

The best way to analyze surgical results in photographs is to have some consistency. Look for photos where both the before and after shots utilize the same amount of lighting and similar angles. Differences may indicate that something is intentionally being obscured. Give more credence to surgeons who show their work from multiple angles (straight on and from the side) so that you can judge the totality of the work and not just from one particular vantage point.

Variety in Results

If you look at a gallery full of rhinoplasty photographs and all of the results look quite similar, that is potentially a red flag. It would suggest that the surgeon has a specific technique and performs most surgeries in the same way. Obviously, if the photos correspond with how you would like your own nose to look, that is great news, but if you have requests that would require the surgeon to customize the procedure (as is often the case), those photos do not suggest the surgeon can accommodate that.

Many Photos of the Procedure You Are Interested In

Surgeons often specialize in certain procedures, but what you are looking for is someone who does great work at the surgery you are seeking. It does not matter if the surgeon has a lot of great breast lift sample photos if you want a butt augmentation. If there are insufficient butt augmentation photos available, that could be indicative of the fact that the surgeon has not performed the surgery many times, or that the results were not impressive enough to warrant putting on a website.

Look at Our Gallery

The team at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists is proud of our Before & After Photo Gallery, and we expect that you will also  be impressed with the stellar examples of our work. If you would like to have a consultation with one of our elite surgeons after checking out our gallery, please send an email today.