Plastic Surgery—It’s Not Just for Women

February 3 2015

One of the most pervasive myths about plastic surgery is that it is for women only. While women do make up a majority of plastic surgery patients, there has been a growing segment of men who have opted for various procedures over the past few decades. Thanks to the growth of the men’s fashion and beauty industry as a whole, it is now completely acceptable for men to consider plastic surgery, whatever their reasons. It is safe to say that plastic surgery is not just for “the fairer sex.”

Worldwide Growth

In the United States, almost a million men underwent a plastic surgery procedure last year. In fact, the popularity of men’s procedures has increased every year since 2007, for a total of 273%. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most popular procedures for men are liposuctionrhinoplastygynecomastia (or breast reduction), eyelid lifts, and facelifts.

Almost any procedure available to women is also available to men. This trend is not just evident in the United States, but all over the world. In some areas where plastic surgery is particular popular, such as South Korea, plastic surgery centers dedicated just to men have taken root.

Why Men Opt for Surgery

The specific reasons for undergoing plastic surgery are as unique as the patient, but there are a few overarching themes. Sometimes, there is a specific feature they’d like to change, such as the nose or chin. Other times, they feel younger than they look, and they’d like to turn back the clock. Some patients are seeking body reshaping after a significant weight loss. Overall, men choose to undergo plastic surgery for the same reasons as women do. However, there is one exception. Although no scientific evidence exists, experience and anecdotal information suggest that men tend to use plastic surgery as a way to stay competitive in the job market. In a culture that prizes youth and attractiveness, men seem to be using plastic surgery as a tool to help them succeed.

One Step At A Time

While some men are ready to go under the knife as soon as the first signs of aging appear, others are interested in a rejuvenated appearance but aren’t ready to take it to that level. In this case, non-or minimally invasive treatments can provide the subtle results they are looking for, with less downtime and less expense. Procedures like facial fillersBotoxchemical peelslaser resurfacing, and even hair transplants are just as beneficial for men as for women.
For many men, the personal satisfaction and improved confidence that plastic surgery provides can translate to success in their careers and personal relationships

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