Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in Time for Spring

April 3 2013

As the warm weather of spring breathes new life into the world around us, it is also an excellent time to explore new ways to look and feel your best for the upcoming summer months. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments offer an alternative to plastic surgery that help enhance one’s beauty without the need for the downtime associated with surgery. Choosing a non-surgical procedure in the spring can ensure that you are reaping the benefits of your chosen procedure during the summer, and well into the fall.

As the popularity of cosmetic treatments continue to grow, more and more non-surgical alternatives to age-defying surgical procedures are available and the results are nothing short of fantastic. If looking good this summer is one of your dreams for the New Year you may want to consider one of the following treatments:

  • BOTOX INJECTIONS: Botox cosmetic is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles in the face that cause the fine lines associated with aging. By relaxing the target muscles, the skin is able to lay smooth without tension, allowing wrinkles to fade away as a result. This procedure is done with a few simple injections and there is no down time for recovery. The best results are seen within weeks of a treatment which will give you a rested, more youthful glow for your summer gatherings.
  • JUVEDERM INJECTIONS: Wrinkles aren’t the only signs of aging. The supporting tissue underneath your skin can lose volume as a result of aging. Replacing this lost volume with the dermal filler Juvederm can restore your face to its youthful state. Juvederm injections work well with Botox to create a sort of non-surgical facelift. Like Botox, there is no recovery time and the results are evident quickly.
  • DERMABRASION: Skin is one of the biggest indicators of age. Stripping away the upper layers of skin that are worn, wrinkled, or discolored due to age, can allow for fresh looking skin to shine through. This smooth, new skin can take years off one’s appearance and can even reduce the appearance of scarring, such as from acne.
  • GLYCOLIC PEEL: A glycolic peel is another technique for skin resurfacing that uses acid rather than abrasion to help the new skin shine through. The benefits are similar to Dermabrasion, but it is an alternative for people who may not be suitable for Dermabrasion.
  • LASER RESURFACING: As a third option for refreshing one’s skin, laser resurfacing removes the upper most layers of skin using laser technology, rather than abrasion or acid. Again, the final results are youthful, healthy glowing skin, but through a different technique other than Dermabrasion and Glycolic Peels.

Non-surgical procedures give patients the opportunity to achieve their cosmetic goals quickly, safely, and without invasive surgery. Scheduling a consultation at The Beauty of Knowledge Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery is a great way to find out which procedures can help you make the changes you want, just in time for summer.