Non-invasive Facial Rejuvenation for Anti-Aging on a Budget

March 6 2013

While a person in their 30’s – 50’s may be too young for facelift surgery; it doesn’t mean that the signs of aging have not begun to show. Genetics, sun damage, and a variety of other contributing factors collectively determine how and when our skin ages. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help fight back against aging skin and help maintain a youthful glow.

There are three common non-invasive procedures that yield excellent results in regards to minimizing the signs of aging. Each procedure has its advantages and targets specific areas. These common facial rejuvenation procedures are:

  • FAT GRAFTING: Fat grafting has become one of the most popular choices, among plastic surgeons, as a means to restore lost volume in areas such as the face and hands. With age comes a loss of collagen which causes a sunken, tired appearance. Harvesting fat from other areas of the body where it is more prevalent, such as the abdomen or thighs, treating it, and injecting fat into the depleted areas can take years off a patient’s appearance. The biggest advantage to fat as dermal filler is that since the material comes from the patient, there is no chance of an allergic reaction.
  • LASER TREATMENTS: Using laser technology to remove the upper most layers of skin can allow for fresh, healthy skin to shine through. Laser skin resurfacing removes damaged skin as a result of age or sun damage. Fine lines disappear and new collagen is produced naturally, tightening the skin. The results can be a healthier, younger looking you.
  • BOTOX AND OTHER INJECTIONS: The most popular age-preventative treatments are neurotoxin injectables such as Botox and Dysport. These injections loosen the tense facial muscles that cause wrinkling and allow them to rest easy. Neurotoxin injections are quick, easy, and cost effective, making them a great option for the patient with a busy lifestyle or in need of pick up while on a budget.

Each of these treatments works extremely well as age preventative procedures that can also be performed together. Each of the procedures can safely be combined to provide a patient with a nearly full facial rejuvenation, without surgery.

With non-invasive age preventative procedures, there is no need to wait until a full facial plastic surgery is needed to look your best. Schedule your consultation at The Beauty of Knowledge Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery and learn which techniques are right for your facial rejuvenation needs.