Make Your Facelift Last a Lifetime

March 18 2019

Just as every individual face is different, the results of each facelift surgery vary as well. How well you take care of yourself plays an important role in just how long the rejuvenated effects of facelift last. The team at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists have performed thousands of successful facelift procedures. Here, we share our top tips on how to make your results last.

Practice a Healthy Skin Care Routine

You can enhance the longevity of your facelift results by practicing good skin care habits, starting with using the right combination of products. Medical-grade skin care products that contain retinoid, hyaluronic acid and peptides can keep your skin looking healthy and refreshed years after your facelift. Because everyone’s skin is unique, it’s important to consult a skin care specialist to select the products that are best for your needs.

Don’t Smoke

Not only is smoking harmful to your health, it speeds up the aging process. Avoid smoking after facelift. It is also a good idea to limit your alcohol intake.

Be Diligent About Sun Protection

Excessive UV exposure is one of the biggest threats to the health and beauty of your skin. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher. Wear protective clothing and accessories (e.g., wide-brimmed hat, wraparound sunglasses) whenever possible and seek shade often, especially during the sun’s peak hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And because UV exposure from tanning beds can be just as harmful to your skin, you should avoid those altogether.

Consider Maintenance Treatments

Cosmetic injectables including Botox, Juvederm and Restylane are part of many facelift patients’ maintenance routines. Treatment with injectables is quick and involves no downtime. Our team can help you navigate your injectable options and design a maintenance plan that best achieves your desired outcome.

If you are considering turning back the clock with facelift, our plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists are happy to provide additional information to help you make your decision. Or, if you have already had facelift, our team can discuss your maintenance or skin care options to prolong your results. Schedule an appointment by calling our Northside office at (404) 255-2975 or our Piedmont office at (404) 343-0897.

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