Is Your Makeup Aging You?

November 6 2016

People wear makeup because it’s fun and flattering, and can be a creative way to express your individuality. Makeup enhances natural assets, hides minor flaws and can give your face a more youthful and vibrant appearance. When worn correctly, a little concealer and shadow serves to shave years off of your appearance, and gives your features a more contoured look. However, there are many makeup habits you may want to revise as you get older. As your countenance undergoes the subtle changes that come with aging, updating the tips and tricks in your morning makeup routine can help you avoid the common mistakes that make many people look older.

Easy on the Powder

While everyone has problem areas they wish to conceal, using too much powder is a sure way to pile on the years. Steer clear of applying powdered makeup to the entire face, which can result in a mask-like appearance, particularly toward the end of a long day. Instead, opt for tinted moisturizers that produce a dewy, youthful effect and don’t end up collecting in every wrinkle and pore. Spot concealers also go a long way to even skin tone and hide age spots while blending seamlessly into the surrounding skin tone.

Moisturize and Prime

A little preventive action can go a long way in boosting your beauty routine. Daily moisturizers are a key component to long-term skin health. Your surrounding environment can have a huge effect on you skin’s health, especially if you live in a place where daily exposure to sun or pollutants can cause cumulative damage. Firm skin that is free of lines can only be achieved through a proper moisturizing routine. Another way to keep makeup from caking and clogging your pores is to start with a primer. This will keep the concealer and blush resting on a fine layer above your skin, preventing it from settling into wrinkles, which will only make the fine lines more noticeable.

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