How to Choose the Right Size Breast Implants

March 31 2015

If you are considering breast implants or breast augmentation, you may be wondering what size is ideal. Don’t think in terms of cup sizes; they are too subjective to use as a basis for your decision. A C cup on one woman can look completely different on another. A woman could be a 34B in one brand of bra and a 36A in another. Cup sizes can even vary within a single manufacturer’s product lines. Instead, think in terms of what will fit your body proportionally.

Your personal target size will depend on a number of factors:

  • Physical activity: if you are a golfer, runner or serious athlete, keep in mind the way breast size can affect your physical activities.
  • Maternity: if you plan to have children in the future, this can result in a permanent change in breast size and may necessitate having the implants replaced. The effect of maternity on breast size can vary.
  • Symmetry: one reason for getting breast implants is lopsidedness. Sometimes, one breast implant is all you need to create an even appearance.
  • Weight and ergonomics: breast implants will add weight and will affect the dynamics of your musculoskeletal structure. Be sure to let the surgeon know if you have back, neck or joint problems.
  • Aesthetics: think about how your breast size will affect the way people perceive you. For example, if a patient loves the look of obviously large breasts but has a shy or reserved personality, she may receive more outside attention than she is prepared for.

When you are preparing for breast implant surgery, you will be able to wear a variety of different “sizers” that will show you what your profile looks like with the new breast size. In order to get a more complete view of which size is ideal, it can be helpful to bring a couple of different shirts to try on. Make sure you are happy with the way you look regardless of whether you are wearing a t-shirt or a cocktail dress.

Breast implants and breast augmentation procedures are becoming increasingly popular for everyday women who just want to enhance their appearance.

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