Having the Butt of Your Dreams: What You Should Know about BBL

July 12 2022

Having a big, shapely butt is considered an attractive trait pretty much everywhere in the country, with Atlanta certainly being no exception. The elite plastic surgeons at Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists routinely perform Brazilian butt lift (BBL) on patients who want to add curvaceous volume to their rear end. To educate future patients about this highly effective procedure, the surgeons have prepared this list of important things to understand:

It Contours Your Body in Two Areas Simultaneously

BBL is a fat grafting surgery that borrows fat from an area with surplus deposits of fat and then transfers it to the buttocks where additional volume is considered more attractive. Although the primary goal is to enhance the buttocks, the coinciding ability to trim down another area (usually the abdomen, thighs or hips) is a definite perk. In that respect, BBL is basically two procedures in one.

BBL Is Preferred over Implants by Most Patients

Traditionally, butt augmentation was performed with silicone implants. However, in the past decade, BBL has overtaken implants as the most popular approach for enhancing the butt. Surgeons prefer it because it allows them to mold contours with actual fat cells, producing results that look more appealing and natural. Meanwhile, patients find sitting to be more comfortable when their butt is cushioned by real fat rather than with implants. Some patients may still be considered better candidates for butt implants, usually those with a low body fat percentage who do not have excess fat to transfer.

Results Last Indefinitely

Not all plastic surgery procedures are considered permanent, but BBL can last a lifetime. Because the body recognizes its own fat cells, most transferred fat cells thrive in their new location in the buttocks, behaving like any normal fat cell would. To maintain BBL results for as long as possible, the key is to keep a steady weight. Patients that lose or gain a significant amount of weight will see the contours achieved with BBL change.

Patients Must Adjust How They Sit and Sleep During Recovery

Following BBL, putting pressure on the buttocks in the first few weeks can cause discomfort, prolong bruising and swelling and diminish the quality of the results. That means that patients must alter their normal way of sleeping and sitting to keep pressure off the butt. During the recovery period, patients should sleep on their stomachs. They should also purchase a BBL pillow, which allows them to sit down in a manner that puts pressure on the thighs rather than the buttocks.

Schedule a Consultation

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