Couples Plastic Surgery: Men and Women Age Differently

July 17 2013

Growing old together is a goal that most loving couples hope to experience. However, getting older also means that time and gravity begin making changes to your appearance. Men and women tend to age differently, and these differences may cause one member of the couple or another to seek cosmetic surgery to ensure that they “match” their mate in age and appearance.

Women’s Aging Issues
Women often begin to see fine lines beginning to form around eyes and mouth as early as their 30s. If they have enjoyed sunbathing and other outdoor activities, the lines may be deeper at an earlier age. Some sagging of the facial skin and neck can begin in their 40s. After menopause, there may be relaxation of the jaw line and deepening of wrinkles on the forehead.

Men’s Aging Issues
Men’s foreheads often show signs of aging before their female partner. Men often don’t use sunscreen or skin care products regularly, so lines and imperfections may become severe. Aging can also lengthen the nose, making it appear more bulbous. The thin tissues under the eyes may soften, creating pouches. The jaw line may become looser as early as the late 30s or early 40s.

Cosmetic Surgery for Couples

Women are often the first to consider cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or dermal fillers injections, to fill in fine lines or tighten the skin of the neck. However, their husbands often see how much the procedure improves their appearance and begin to contemplate surgery for themselves. Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular with men, who want to look their best for as long as they can, just as women do. Plastic surgeons now find that they are treating couples for a variety of cosmetic improvements, such as injectables, microdermabrasioneyelid surgery, facelifts and other procedures.

Enjoying Your Later Years Together
Many couples find that they want to look good for their mate, regardless of their age. In addition, looking considerably older than your mate may make you feel self-conscious, or give you a poor self-image. Plastic surgery can help to restore your appearance and give you the social confidence you need to be the best partner you can be.