Common Myths About Breast Sag

October 6 2016

As they get older, many women may experience sagging, flattening or other unflattering changes in their breast shape. While certain lifestyle choices can be made to prevent significant weight fluctuation that can contribute to decreased breast elasticity, the fact of the matter remains that natural shifts in tissues and fat deposits will change your body over time. While you may not be able to fully dodge your grandmother’s genes, you can breathe a sigh of relief that many of her myths on the causes and cures for sagging breasts have been debunked. To counter sagging breasts, patients can get a breast lift in Atlanta  at our plastic surgery center.

Exercise Is Important, but Does Not Prevent Sagging

A key element to a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise helps to tone and tighten your body’s natural curves and lines. Yoga, Pilates and other workouts can help keep your tummy flat and your buttocks lifted and trim. However, no amount of push-ups or pectoral drills will guarantee a perky bosom. Breasts are not made up of muscle, but rather are a mixture of tissue and fat surrounding the chest muscle. While some exercises can improve the strength of the chest muscle, which in turn marginally contributes to perkiness, no exercises can prevent breast sag altogether.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

One of the most common myths surrounding breastfeeding is that it contributes to long-term mammary shape-shifting and stretching. Recent studies have indicated that there is, in fact, no risk associated with breastfeeding in terms of future drooping. The relatively rapid weight gain and subsequent loss that happens during pregnancy, however, can cause the breast ligaments to stretch and the skin to lose its elasticity. The best way to limit the ups and downs of this rapid expansion and deflation is to work on maintaining a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy.

Contact Atlanta Plastic and Reconstructive Specialists

If you are embarrassed by breast sagging, breast lift surgery can restore your breasts to their once-perky and youthful position. To find out if a breast lift procedure is the right choice for you, contact the surgeons at Atlanta Plastic and Reconstructive Specialists at (404) 255-2975. Board certified plastic surgeons will be able to help answer any questions you may have about restoring breast shape and appearance. An informational consultation could be your first step towards perkier, more youthful breasts.

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