What To Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

November 18 2017

One of the most crucial aspects of plastic surgery is the time you spend with your surgeon before the procedure. During this time, you and your surgeon will go over your desired results, the procedure itself, as well as the potential benefits and risks.

You should be an active participant in your care by asking as many questions as possible about your surgery. Many of these questions go a long way in helping you ultimately achieve the successful results you desire. Here are four questions to ask your plastic surgeon:

What Is Your Experience?

Ask your surgeon how much experience he or she has performing the procedure that interests you. Typically, the best plastic surgeon for your case performs this procedure regularly. Your surgeon should also have a proven track record of achieving successful results. Ask your surgeon to see patient testimonials, or check Google My Business, HealthGrades, Yelp or other credible sources to read candid and unfiltered reviews from patients.

Can I View Your Past Patients’ Before and After Photos?

Comparison photos, or before and after photos, will help you gain a better understanding of what results a cosmetic procedure can produce for similar patients. One of the best ways to gauge a surgeon’s practice and estimate the effect the procedure will have on you is to ask your potential surgeon to see before and after photos of their patients. If the surgeon is highly experienced in this procedure, he or she will have no hesitancy in showing you these photos.

Do You Use a Certified Anesthesiologist?

On the whole, cosmetic surgical procedures have a very low complication rate when performed on an appropriate candidate by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. However, it’s also important that any anesthesia be administered and monitored by an anesthesiologist that is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Can You Tell Me About the Risks, Complications, and Recovery Time?

Prior to undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure, you should be aware of all the facts. Some of the facts you should know include the potential risks, complications, as well as recovery time associated with the procedure. Weigh the risks versus the benefits in order to determine if the procedure is worth it in the end. Depending upon your lifestyle and how quickly you want to be back on your feet, ask your surgeon about the recovery time. If average post-surgical recovery time is too long, you may need to seek a different approach.

Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon You Can Trust

If you are seeking a cosmetic surgeon you can trust, call Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists at (404) 255-2975 today. We’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding your desired surgery, and we will guide you through the process of choosing the most optimal procedure for your needs.

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