Anti-aging Cosmetic Surgery does Not Stop at the Face

May 8 2013

The face gets a lot of attention. It is often the first thing that people notice about one another; whether it is a smile, a person’s eyes, or any number of other features. It is also the place where many people tend to focus when it comes to aging.

While many of us tend to notice advancing years in our smile or around our eyes first, our faces are only part of the equation when it comes to showing off our time on earth. Many people over look other parts of our body that can give away our age as well. Taking note of these other features and exploring the various cosmetic options for facial rejuvenation can help you maintain a more complete youthful appearance.

    • NECK: A person’s neck experiences aging much in the same way their face does. Over time a loss of elasticity in the skin can cause the neck to sag and hang lower than we would like. Many people do not notice the signs of aging in their neck since we tend to lean into mirrors when we look at ourselves. A sagging neck can actually make the appearance of age more prominent in our faces since the two are in such close proximity to one another. Adding a neck lift to a facial rejuvenation procedure can provide more thorough age defying results.
    • ARMS: Arms can suffer the same lack of skin elasticity that your neck and face can. This loose skin can give away a person’s age as quickly as fine lines and wrinkles can. Brachioplasty (or arm lift surgery) can remove this excess skin and leave you with the slender, toned arms of person half your age.
    • HANDS: Even in patients who have had facial rejuvenation, such as Botox or a facelift procedure, their hands can give away their age quickly. Skin resurfacing can help alleviate age marks and wrinkles that happen over time and leave your skin looking vibrant and young. Add in dermal filler, such as Juvederm, to add volume to sunken areas and your hands will never give away your age again.
    • BREASTS: When it comes to breasts and cosmetic surgery, most people think of augmentation. While breast augmentation is certainly an option for women at nearly any age, breast lift surgery can help reverse the signs of aging in a woman’s breasts. Breast lift surgery will reposition the breast and nipple to higher point on the chest, treating the loose excess skin while still maintaining the current breast size. Lifting one’s breasts will make them appear perkier and more youthful.


While your face often gets the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to aging, keeping these other areas of your body in mind can also bolster a more youthful appearance. All of these procedures work well together and many can be performed at the same time. The Beauty of Knowledge Plastic Surgery offers many procedures for helping you maintain your appearance over time. Schedule your consultation to find out which procedures are right for you!