Adding Breast Lift to Breast Augmentation

February 16 2021

Breast lift is a popular surgical choice among women who seek to restore a firm, attractive look to breasts that have begun to sag as a result of pregnancy, changes in weight or natural aging.

When performed by the experienced plastic surgeons of Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists, the procedure tightens loose skin and restores a youthful profile by elevating the breasts on the chest. Breast lift can also help restore symmetry, when ligaments have relaxed to a greater extent in one breast compared to the other.

Elegant Silhouette

Because breast lift elevates the breasts on the chest and reverses sagging, it can create the appearance of larger volume. But increasing size is not a primary goal of breast lift, which is why many women choose to have both breast lift and breast augmentation. The main benefit of breast lift is a dramatic improvement in the shape and proportion of the breasts. In addition, the surgery can return low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural position, recreating a youthful “perky” profile.

After Pregnancy

Breast lift is particularly effective at revitalizing breasts after pregnancy, as well as restoring the self-confidence a firmer profile inspires. During pregnancy, breasts naturally swell to a larger size. When this happens, the skin stretches. Once your infant is no longer breastfeeding, the milk-producing glands shrink and the breasts return to their usual size. But because the skin may not be flexible enough to shrink back to a correspondingly smaller size, sagging can result.

The degree of sagging varies, and is medically described by the “ptsosis” classification system: To determine the degree of sagging, a surgeon looks at the position of the nipple relative to the fold or crease at the base of the breast. With Grade 1 ptosis, the nipple and crease are at the same level. In Grade 2 cases, the nipple has dropped below the crease, but it is still higher than the breast gland area that projects over the fold. In Grade 3 ptosis, the nipple is the lowest part of the breast.

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