Chin & Cheek Augmentation in Atlanta

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Cheek Augmentation Explained

cheekFull, defined cheeks can significantly enhance a person’s face. They can add definition and add character to a person. Cheek augmentation can help give you strong looking cheek bones for people who don’t have them or return aging cheeks to their original fullness.

Some of the most common reasons for a cheek augmentation procedure are:

Cheek augmentation procedures are performed by adding silicone implants to the target area to achieve the desired effect. A small incision is made inside the mouth and the cheek implant is positioned in a small pocket under the skin. By going through the mouth scarring is invisible. With all of the cheek implant choices available, the possibilities for a cheek augmentation are nearly endless.

Chin Augmentation Explained

Chin augmentation procedures are used to correct different issues and to achieve a variety of results. Some of the most common reasons to have a chin augmentation procedure are:

Silicone implants are often used during a chin augmentation procedure to create the desired shape that the client is trying to achieve. The chin implants are placed through incisions made either under the chin or through the mouth to minimize the appearance of scars. With over 100 different sizes and shapes of chin implants available, almost any desired look can be achieved by a chin augmentation surgery.