Donald R. Nunn, MD, DDS

Atlanta Plastic & Reconstructive Specialists

Dr. Donald R. Nunn has gained a rightful position amongst the most talented plastic surgeons in the U.S. Having upwards of twenty one years of medical training, Dr. Nunn’s post graduate education started in the dentistry field. Dr. Nunn went back to his original state to finish a residency in maxillofacial and oral surgery through the University of North Carolina, after attaining his doctor of dental surgery through the Medical College of Virginia. After Dr. Nunn had eight years in a fruitful privately owned practice, he made the decision to extend his education at the Medical College of Virginia with an additional medical degree and two residencies.

nunnDr. Nunn completed his initial residency in neck and head surgery (otolaryngology) emphasizing on the head and neck oncology as well as reconstruction. This extended education qualified Dr. Nunn for a much broader scope of work. Dr. Nunn’s second residency was completed at University of California, Los Angeles at the prominent Department of Plastic Surgery. This positioned him side by side to a group of the most well-known and accomplished plastic surgeons in the field, many of whom had their own private practices located in the elite area of Beverly Hills.

Dr. Nunn’s diligence gave him an excellent payback, earning an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital in NYC. Here, he worked with several prominent Park Avenue cosmetic surgeons at one of the most popular cosmetic facilities in the U.S.

realnunnDr. Nunn has his practice in Atlanta, Georgia now. Dr. Nunn has the position of being the single cosmetic surgery doctor in the U.S. who has three board certifications in Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. On account of his endless treatment and knowledge of both soft as well as hard tissues, Dr. Nunn is able to perform an extremely extensive range of reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgeries, and total body and breast aesthetic surgery. His dedication to a natural appearance dubs him the prime surgeon in Atlanta as well as the Southeast.




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