Our Staff

Atlanta Plastic & Reconstruction Specialists

Cindy Hopkins

Cindy Hopkins – Front Office and Billing

bMary Ellen Beckford

Mary Ellen Beckford – Surgical Coordinator for Dr. Gregory Mackay

Laurie Dielmann

Laurie Dielmann, PA-C – PA for Dr. Gregory Mackay

Robin Reese

Robin Reese, RN-Office Nurse

Michelle Bracey Harris

Michelle Bracey Harris – General Office and Billing Manager

Emily Condle

Emily Condle – Surgical Coordinator for Dr. Nunn

Trish Ozgun

Trish Ozgun – Surgical Assistant to Dr. Nunn

Lin Irizarry

Lin Irizarry – Surgical Coordinator for Dr. Bahair Ghazi


Jordan Carney Front Office & Clinical Support


Emily LeCraw, PA-C PA for Dr. Ghazi

Nancy Keiger

Nancy Keiger RN – OR Director ACRS

Paula Walker

Paula Walker – Assistant Manager

Cindy Battey

Cindy Battey RN and Breast Tattoo Specialist

Beth Cogswell

Beth Cogswell – Front Office

Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan – Front Office

Karen Macolino

Karen Macolino – Aesthetician

Sharon Bartolo

Sharon Bartolo – ACRS Surgical Tech

Cari Seaman

Cari Seaman – Front Office Coordinator

Sarah Bock

Sarah Bock – Surgical coordinator for Dr. Symbas

Briana Maxha

Briana Maxham – RN ACRS


Jessica Aman – PA-C for Dr. Symbas